Playing Ingress in Scotland – Translation Guide

For all the non Scots coming to Edinburgh, here is a wee (small) translation guide to Scottish Ingress play, terminology and general getting aboot (around).
Let’s start with some greetings and Scottish sayings:

  • Awrite – hello
  • Guid mornin – good morning
  • Haw you – an exclamation to get someone’s attention
  • Whit a braw blether – good chatting with you

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The Edinburgh Resistance Guide to Anomaly Accommodation

So you’ve made the right choice by signing up to play Ingress in Edinburgh as a satellite site for the Abaddon Anomaly series, but where are you going to stay? With so much choice and a range of budgets we’ve came up with a handy guide to good places to stay based on closeness to town centre, transportation links and most importantly, portal count!

We have missed out a lot of hotels such as the numerous Premier Inns and Travelodges in favour of some alternative options. Continue reading

Welcome to the Abaddon Edinburgh Blog!


The next big Ingress event is the Abaddon series which kicks off next month with the first Anomaly events taking place on 14th November 2015.  Edinburgh is a satellite site for this and the Resistance needs everyone who’s willing and able to help in town to ensure we win!

Book a flight, a train, a driver, hovercraft, segway or heelies to get yourself here for an amazing weekend of fun with the Edinburgh and Scotland Resistance groups. If you haven’t already signed up, get over to and get it done.

We’ll be keeping this blog updated with all the latest goings-on in the world of Ingress as it relates to the Edinburgh anomaly. Get hacking for kit and get ready for Edinburgh!!