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A whisky drinker’s guide to Embra

Uisge beatha.

For the discerning dram drinker in need of a wee refreshment after the Anomaly, or even a little something to steady the hand the night before, agent sjhill presents a guide to things whisky-related for you to partake while you visit Edinburgh.  A connoisseur of the Golden Nectar, he has visited and sampled at all of these fine institutions to ensure the highest possible quality! May we present …

A whisky drinker’s guide to Embra.

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Playing Ingress in Scotland – Translation Guide

For all the non Scots coming to Edinburgh, here is a wee (small) translation guide to Scottish Ingress play, terminology and general getting aboot (around).
Let’s start with some greetings and Scottish sayings:

  • Awrite – hello
  • Guid mornin – good morning
  • Haw you – an exclamation to get someone’s attention
  • Whit a braw blether – good chatting with you

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