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Let there be cake!


The Cake Committee is back to organise yet another Cakefest to bring even more smiles to tired agents after battling hard for the control of a city.

We’ve made plans for another awesome spread of goodies, but once again, we would like to call upon your help!

1. Help with the crowdfunding.  Please donate here: as some of us are paying out of our own pocket for all these treats that we’re giving away freely to those who are attending the Anomaly.
2. Make some cakes/brownies/cupcakes and bring it along!  Please let us know if you can cater for Diabetics, Coeliacs or Vegans, as that would be greatly appreciated and means more can enjoy the treats!

If you’re looking for any ideas, have a look at the Resistance Bakery Community:
We have new cupcake pin badges to give away to those who help us with the cake, so:
•    If you contribute to the crowdfunding
•    Bring a contribution on the day
Then you qualify for an Edinburgh Abaddon Painted Cupcake Badge!

If you have any queries, please comment below or contact myself via hangouts.
Thank you very much!

Your humble Cake Commander.

A whisky drinker’s guide to Embra

Uisge beatha.

For the discerning dram drinker in need of a wee refreshment after the Anomaly, or even a little something to steady the hand the night before, agent sjhill presents a guide to things whisky-related for you to partake while you visit Edinburgh.  A connoisseur of the Golden Nectar, he has visited and sampled at all of these fine institutions to ensure the highest possible quality! May we present …

A whisky drinker’s guide to Embra.

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