Edinburgh is hosting an Ingress Anomaly,
and you're invited!

The Resistance needs your help to win the Abaddon Anomaly series — so clear your schedule, book some transport, and let us know you're coming!

Important information about Anomaly registration.

Niantic have officially announced that the Edinburgh Anomaly will run from 12pm until 4pm, with a cross-faction meetup from 4pm until 6pm.
There will also be Resistance after-party from 6pm :-)

After you sign up to let us know you're coming along, you need to RSVP on the Niantic website to make sure that you'll get an Abaddon medal in your scanner afterwards.


Warm hoodies, stylish t-shirts, delicious lickable badges and more are available now at the Edinburgh Resistance Abaddon Swag Store!

What's an Anomaly?

An anomaly is a big cross-faction event, where players play Ingress at each other as hard as possible to maintain control of a few dozen specially-selected portals over the course of a day. Points are awarded to each faction based on control of these portals at precise times, and the points are added for all the Anomaly locations around the world.

At the end of the Anomaly series, either Enlightened or Resistance is declared the winner, and it's worked into the Ingress storyline somehow. Basically you can think of it like the Ingress World Cup! But mostly on the day it is about capturing portals as insistently as possible.

Why Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is an old, beautiful city with many extraordinary landmarks surrounded by portals. The Anomaly clusters will cover some of the most interesting parts of town!

The city is also convenient to get around — compact, cyclist-friendly, and well serviced by public transport. There are hundreds of wee bars and even tale of some places that don't serve fine ales. This is a town with haggis and drams. What more could you want?

Sounds great! How do I get involved?

If you're interested in playing Ingress with us on Saturday, 14 November, register now so we can team you up with other like-minded folks. New players through to old hands, everybody is welcome!

If you can't make it to Edinburgh, there's still lots to do so register to remotely assist on the day, or email us if you'd like to help in the weeks leading up to the event.

What's Ingress?

Ingress is an augmented reality game played around the globe by over a million people worldwide, using a free app available for Android and iOS. Two factions — the Resistance (blue) and the Enlightened (green) — battle constantly for control of portals spread around real life locations. It's somewhere between Capture The Flag, geocaching, and a Space Invaders themed Google Map.

If that sounds intriguing, why not give it a go? If you're in Edinburgh, get in touch with our local player community.

Anomaly FAQ

I want to join the Abaddon XM Anomaly. What do I do?
If you want to join the event, help with the Anomaly planning, and have fun while meeting other folks from the Edinburgh, Scotland, UK and international Resistance community, sign up now to let us know you'll be coming along!
I won't be able to get to Edinburgh on 14 November. How can I help in the Abaddon XM Anomaly?
There will certainly be roles for off-site support agents. Sign up and we'll get in touch with you.
I've signed up! What do I do next?
You'll be invited to join an Abaddon Anomaly Community in G+ with the rest of the Resistance agents involved in the Edinburgh Anomaly. Further details will be provided to you through this community. You'll be able to ask for advice about Edinburgh from local agents, or learn about what to expct from folks who have experienced previous Anomalies!
Sounds fun! Do I need to pay to join the event?
Participation in the event is totally free of charge. You may need money for food and drinks, transportation, accommodation, and any merchandise which catches your eye ;-)
I like badges and medals! Will there be in-game badges for the Abaddon event?
Yes. After you've signed up with us, make sure you RSVP with your correct info on the official Ingress site as well to receive your Abaddon medal after the Anomaly.
I just started playing Ingress. Can I participate in this XM Anomaly?
Yes, absolutely. There is no minimum level requirement. For new agents, higher level agents will be helping you with your first Anomaly experience.
Is it okay to bring children to this event?
Children are welcome as long as they are supervised by a guardian. Please let us know if you'll be bringing kids when you're signing up, or by getting in touch with us directly on Google Hangouts.